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How to update your Unlimited Wash Club Membership

  1. Click the link below
  2. Login with Mobile Phone/Email or RFID Tag #/Last 4 of CC
  3. Update Customer Contact Information
  4. Edit Credit Card/Billing Information
  5. Change Unlimited Wash Club Plan
  6. Cancel Unlimited Wash Club Plan
  7. Review Wash History
  8. Purchase a Gift Card
  9. Purchase a Wash
  10. Send Someone a Wash

Manage Unlimited Wash Club Membership


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A Refund May Be Issued:

  • For an account with 1 or more unused months
  • The UWC account must be closed in order to qualify for a refund. There are no refunds on an open account for non-use.

A Refund Will NOT Be Issued:

  • If the account holder has washed at all during the billing cycle (there are no partial refunds)
  • For a customer who submits a cancellation request after the billing date
  • For an active washing customer that had a period of non-use
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Last Name
Tag Number
Dates Billed